Apartment Plants

Brighten up your apartment with lush, drought resistant plants.

Geohintonia plant Apartment Sedum Plant Sedum Plant for apartment

Sedums, succulents, and cacti are a few  apartment plants that require very little maintenance and are compact and space saving.

Below are some of apartment plants that will thrive in your apartment or condo setting:

  • Coral cacti are unique and practically care free. Unlike other cacti they don’t have spines that can cause injury.  They can be found in many local businesses such as Lowes, Home base, or Walmart and come in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Succulents, can do well indoors, and are also low maintenance, with many different varieties, shape and sizes.Because of the compact shapes sedums, or succulents can be grown in low profile, space saving containers.
Snake Plants
Snake Plant
  • Another low maintenance choice is the Snake Plant, commonly known as “mother in laws tongue.” They have tall stiff leaves and run straight up and down making them a great compact choice for a corner, or window seat.
  • The Snake plant is known for their ability to absorb nitrogen- oxide from fuel burning appliances, and give off oxygen at night.
  • Aloe Vera a great choice for window sills or mantles.  It can be clipped and the juice is very soothing for burns, rashes and bug bites.
  • Kalanchoe or “Widow’s thrill,” is a perfect choice if you are yearning for something colorful. They come in a variety of colors, red, yellow, pink and more.

apartment deck plants

Looking for patio or deck greenery?

  • Several varieties of bamboo are an effective screening device and work great maintaining privacy on small decks and patios, and grow well in containers.
  • Potted Hosta come in a large selection of shape, size and colors.
  • Another colorful favorite is Heuchera. It pots well and comes on yearly with brilliant orange, purple or green foliage, and puts out a long-stemmed flower in mid-summer.
  • Having an herb garden can be a rewarding experience as they can be used for a fresh taste to your cuisine.  Rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley to name a few. Just imagine, no more running to the market for chives, oregano, peppermint

A few miscellaneous tips:

It is important when choosing your plants to check on whether they can be toxic if ingested, especially if you have small children in your home or pets. All this information should be on the tag when you purchase. As a precaution keep your local poison control number taped inside a cabinet, or on speed dial on your phone.

Visit your local nurseries and explore. Plants will bring a fresh, elegant vibe to your condo/ apartment rental experience.