Apartment Painting Tips

Apartment Painting Tips

Changing the color of even just one wall in your apartment can make a tremendous statement and is economical.  These apartment painting tips will help you

Vivid colors can make artwork pop and draw the eye to a focal point perfect for spotlighting a treasured artifact.When picking a color, be sure it’s one that has you smiling.

Most paint retailers like Sherwin Williams, Lowe’s, or Home Depot have trial samples for around $5.00. Paint a swatch, and watch it over the course of the day to see how changes in light affect it. Try several colors to ensure a hue that is right for you.

Next step is to choose a finish.  Flat latex will be richer and softer, while eggshell more durable.  Semi gloss and high gloss work well for trim and cabinets and very high moisture areas like shower ceilings. You will also want to check on the volatile organic compounds, commonly known as VOC.  These are solvents that get released in the air as the paint dries.  If you have children or pets it’s a good idea to look for paint with lower VOC’s.

Paint comes in several grades. The mid grade like Valspar Signature which is available at Lowe’s will hold up well and holds pigment well.  Your paint provider can help you select the right grade for the job.

Next is equipment. Great tools will help make your project look professionally done.

A canvas drop cloth is a great investment and easy to work with, plus it has many other uses for your DIY projects. they are washable and easy to store.

A good roller and pan can make a big difference in the ease of your job,and there are nifty plastic paint tray liners that make clean up a breeze!  The nap on the roller will be determined by what type of paint is used and what type of surface is being covered.

SHUR LINE offers a great tool called Edger Pro. It enables you to make clean lines on corner, baseboards and between wall and ceilings.

For extra protection a good quality masking tape such as the Green Frog brand will ensure that your edges are crisp. Apply tape  on tops of baseboards in corners and at ceiling.

It’s also important to have a good quality edging brush, like Wooster, for places the roller or edger can’t reach.

Before starting, be sure to fill any holes or scars and wipe off excess while still wet. If excess is left it will show up under paint like a blemish, and will be harder to repair.  If there are large places to patch there are products such as Homax texture in a can that can be found in most paint retailer outlets. It can save hundreds of dollars on repairs.  It helps to practice on a piece of cardboard before applying to project.  Steps like these can really help improve the overall finish of your apartments interior.

Time to paint!

Paint your edges first. It’s really handy to have two people, one working on edges and the other following with the roller.

It is important to use a V patter with the roller then filing in with horizontal and vertical strokes to avoid visible overlap lines.  Depending on the change of color difference a second coat may be required.  Be sure to let first coat dry thoroughly.

Remove tape after drying, touch up where necessary, and Wah Lah! You will be heading to the paint store for your next feature wall project.